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My Building Adventure 2023 Fundraising Page

Robert Haas

Robert Haas

Just when I thought I was out, I was told I was back for one more year, as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Outward Bound School.

So my understanding that 2022 was my swan song in that capacity, while sincere, was mistaken. (Connie has suggested I also volunteer I am frequently wrong, but she is biased, and occasionally unpleasant.)

So what can this mean?

It means I’m back (and really for the last time as Chair) seeking support for when I rappel 315 feet down a perfectly sound skyscraper (Two Commerce Square) on October 20, 2023, for POBS’s biennial, and even iconic, Building Adventure fundraiser. (This also happens to be the date of my 51st high school reunion, for which, mind you, I seek no support.)

While my fear of heights greater than three feet persists, my devotion to Outward Bound does as well.

Like 2021’s Building Adventure rappel, and 2022’s 300 Miles at Valley Forge, your support this year in any denomination will enable us to provide some truly wonderful young people with an outdoor experiential learning experience (e.g., hiking, canoeing, climbing, camping) that we know will change their lives for the better. They will gain more confidence; learn they can persevere when challenged; derive great satisfaction from helping their fellow students and others, and sharpen their teamwork skills.

If you need any more motivation, your support will oblige me to make this descent, clothed in some embarrassing outfit Connie selects, and that should be considered priceless.

I hope you might even take the afternoon to stop by on October 20 to watch me not enjoy myself over the course of 315 feet.

All my best, Bob

Together, we can make a difference!


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