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Kim Reid's Fundraising Page Building Adventure 2023

Kimberly Reid

Kimberly Reid

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kim Reid and I am excited and eager to support the Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) in the 2023 Building Adventure fundraiser as a member of the POBS Alumni All-Stars team! Together, we will be rappelling off of a sky scrapper in downtown Philly!

Outward Bound has been a huge part of my life and has taught me so much about myself, how to live in community with others, and about the importance of caring for the environment. It is now taking me to new heights (pun intended) and reminding me of the value of doing something everyday that stretches/scares me (after all, as the founder of Outward Bound Kurt Hahn would say, there is more in me than I know!).

I was born in Philadelphia (raised just over the bridge) and have spent a large portion of my career working for Outward Bound schools around the United States. I've also had the privilege of participating in expeditions as a student and enjoy attending POBS events when I'm visiting family and friends in the area. I now work as the Director of Outdoor Education at Earlham College in Indiana and am thrilled to have an alumnus of my program currently working at POBS - shout-out to Mads!

I've seen firsthand how impactful an Outward Bound course can be and am so grateful to have such a strong program in my home city. I am particularly thankful that POBS priorities accessibility within their work by underwriting the cost of participation for 75% of the school and nonprofit partners they work with; over 80% of their program participants come from low-income households in the Philadelphia region. This is a huge resource for the region and every dollar raised to support their work makes a difference.

Please join me in supporting their mission to change lives through challenge and discovery by donating today.

Peace, Love, & Chow,


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